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Northern Ireland small firms to get lesson in efficiency

By Clare Weir

A new programme to assist small businesses and social enterprises in Northern Ireland is being offered in Belfast next month.

The project management fundamentals programme, which is delivered by Parity, is a 13-week programme which has proven to be successful in improving business efficiency by training existing staff in key areas of management.

The Department for Employment and Learning is offering bursaries to SMEs which will enable them to take part in the programme at no cost.

All SMEs and social enterprises of 10-250 employees who are not Invest NI clients can receive the bursary, while those who do not meet this eligibility criteria can still participate on a fee-paying basis at a cost of £725.

Colin Lauder, head of talent management at Parity, said that the programme can be adapted to meet the needs of a huge variety of companies.

"By putting existing staff through the programme, SMEs within the renewable sector will improve the way in which they do business, and it won't cost them anything to do so."

Recruitment to the programme, to be held at Parity's headquarters at Dargan Road, is taking place now and the course begins next month.

For further information, email, or call 0845 873 0841.