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Third of IT companies expect to recruit in next six months

IT graduates seeking work during the economic downturn were given some comfort today - a third of companies in the sector expect to recruit over the next six months.

The news was given by Employment and Learning Minister Sir Reg Empey as a new 'snapshot' report in ICT skills in Northern Ireland was published.

Sir Reg said: "I am particularly pleased that even in the current environment the survey has shown a continuing demand for IT graduates and that a third of companies surveyed expect to recruit IT professionals over the next six months".

"Also, this innovative sector continues to show its resilience with nearly two thirds (64%) planning to develop new services to overcome the current economic downturn and 53% already developing new products."

The minister said while he recognised there were still challenges facing the sector due to economic conditions, recent job announcements by companies such as Intune Networks - creating 43 posts - gave grounds for optimism.

"It is particularly encouraging that the key reason for the company's decision to locate the jobs in Northern Ireland was the pool of specialist latent available to them," said Sir Reg.

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