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Sunday 20 April 2014

Waste oil collection firm gets up and running

One of the UK's largest waste oil collection companies has established a new base in Antrim town.

The move means that garages and other vehicle servicing companies could be paid for the waste oil they produce.

The OSS Group has appointed a general manager, James McKee, and has commenced waste oil collections, with collection of other associated hazardous engineering waste planned to start later this year.

The service has started with one collection tanker operating out of the Antrim transfer station. A second vehicle will be added in August to keep up with demand.

Mark Bridgens, OSS group sales and marketing manager, said that waste oil is recycled to manufacture a processed fuel oil, used by UK industry as a green alternative to virgin fuel.

"We need to collect as much good quality used lubricating oil as possible," he said.

"There have been very limited waste oil collection options for garages in Northern Ireland for many years so we are now able to offer a real, cost effective alternative."