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Woolworths to open one extra day

Woolworths stores that were expected to close today will remain open for another day of business, the firm's administrator said.

Two hundred outlets including several in Northern Ireland were due to shut today but this has been postponed until tomorrow, Deloitte said.

The final closure deadline for the retailer has also been delayed by a day, with the remaining 200 stores now set to close on January 6.

A spokesman for Deloitte said: “There are two main reasons for delaying the closures.

“One, stock levels — there's still some stock remaining. Two, workload — it's a big logistical exercise.

“The remaining dates were delayed to allow time for the final arrangements to be made.”

More than half the UK stores have already shut down. At least 150 of the retailer's 807 outlets held their last day of trading on December 30, with everything on sale at discount prices.

The firm's collapse leaves 27,000 workers facing redundancy.

Deloitte has held talks with other retailers to take on the leases of around 300 Woolworths stores and hopes to sell off the Ladybird and Chad Valley toys brands.

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