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Business Viewpoint: Mentoring worth closer examination

By Nigel Tilson

Business author and journalist Rachel Bridge certainly provided food for thought for those many folk in Northern Ireland keen to put entrepreneurship at the centre of economy-building in the province.

Addressing an event organised by the Ulster Society of Chartered Accountants, Ms Bridge focused on what she has learnt from the hundreds of successful entre- preneurs she has interviewed over the past few years.

One of the secrets of entrepreneurial success she discovered was that mentors who can provide a greater focus on business goals and pass on experience of their own successes are vital for many budding entre- preneurs.

She noted that, in her experience, many of the entre- preneurs she had met had highly rated the advice and focus that a mentor could provide when it came to establishing their business.

During her address to the accountants, Ms Bridge also highlighted that the attitude of going out to prove detractors wrong or an 'I'm going to show you I can do it' mind set was common among many successful entrepreneurs.

"I think that there is a lot we can learn from them," she stressed. And providing words of wisdom of her own, she said finding out what makes entre- preneurs tick and how they get started is an important step to encouraging more people to start their own business.

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