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Sunday 20 April 2014

Roads become a little smoother for hauliers

If you're a motorist, as many of us in Northern Ireland are, you should have an extra £40 in your pocket next year. That's because the Chancellor has at last seen sense and scrapped the 3p increase in fuel duty.

While the savings for individuals are substantial enough, it will be hauliers and other companies which use the highways and byways as part of their daily routine who will be most relieved.

Already stifled by the downturn in the economy, they've had to contend with increasing road tax, insurance and, until now, ever increasing duty on the one thing they need to keep running every day: fuel.

Combined with the additional spending on roads and infrastructure, Northern Ireland's troubled hauliers will be able to wipe the sweat from their brows for a brief moment.

But, given the lag between announcing such initiatives and actually putting them in place, it may be some time before the people who make sure our goods and services get from A to B are able to see any benefit.