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Drop in sales shows psyche of the shopper

Yesterday's retail sales figures weren't much of surprise but certainly gave an interesting insight into the lifestyle of the modern-day shopper.

The fall of 0.2% in August is said to have been caused by the Olympic Games.

Apparently thousands of people who would normally be pounding the high streets were instead sitting at home, or indeed in east London, watching the games.

And even though buying goods and services these days only involves the click of a mouse button, this new breed of sporting followers weren't even bothering to lift their iPads or laptops, so rapped up were they in the goings-on of Jessica Ennis et al.

Health ministers will be jumping up and down with joy at this news although if they're to improve the nations fitness levels they'll have to figure out how to transfer that enthusiasm for sport into actual doing something.

Retailers, meanwhile, will be hoping that pent up demand will translate into a shopping frenzy this month.

Only time will tell if that hope turns to reality.


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