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How pop-up retailers could save high street

By David Elliott

A recent retail phenomenon which has gained traction in recent years is the pop-up shop, restaurant or cafe.

Even today's subject of retail woe HMV had a go at a pop-up shop in Belfast's Victoria Square only a few weeks ago and anecdotal evidence would suggest it wasn't a bad idea, if a little late.

The concept itself certainly does smack of being so simple yet so effective that you do wonder why nobody thought of it before. Taking premises that aren't being used and filling them with businesses needing reduced rents to get off the ground or firms with seasonal products which can only justify short-term shops isn't rocket science but is ground breaking.

And so organised is the pop-up movement now that as I type a press release has just arrived from the Pop-up Forum who say they're in talks with the administrators of both HMV and Jessops to see if they can make use of premises.


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