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Simplicity often the best... from Upsees to boxes

By David Elliott

Business stories come in many guises. Some are inspirational, like the company behind the product which appeared on the front of this newspaper on Tuesday.

The Upsee – a standing and walking harness which helps children with mobility issues to walk – is being developed by Firefly, a division of Lecky, and is a triumph.

The brainchild behind it was a mother from Israel and it's one of those ideas which is so simple, you wonder why no one has come up with it before.

It's being made at Lecky's Lisburn base and – judging by the amount of coverage the story has gained with media around the world – is about to go global.

Then there are other business stories – those which centre around less obviously newsworthy products but which are important nonetheless.

A perfect example of that is the story to the left of this column, one which centres around nothing more than cardboard boxes.

Delta Print and Packaging are masters at making boxes for all kinds of uses, from food, to toasters and from pharmaceutical drugs to milk. We probably come across their boxes nearly every day of life and it's the company's success in being so ubiquitous which has meant they've been able to create 100 new jobs in Belfast.

On the face of it, a story about boxes might not seem the most exciting, but when you open those boxes up and find 100 new jobs and £40m of investment, then it becomes big news.

Besides, the story of how Delta has grown over the years is fascinating in itself, as is the man behind this innovative company.

So, two very different but both very interesting business stories which highlight the drive and ambition in Northern Ireland business.

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