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Sweet taste of success as pickles go foreign

By David Elliott

First it was chocolate and now it's the pickle in your sandwich. When Cadbury was bought over by Kraft foods it seemed to open the floodgates to the takeover of stalwart UK food companies by overseas buyers.

There was outrage then that Dairy Milk should come under foreign ownership and there'll be outrage now that Branston Pickle has been bought by a Japanese firm.

It may not be the staple it once was but Branston Pickle still sells an estimated 28m jars a year of spicy pickle made to a secret recipe.

But rather than gripe about the loss we should look upon it as a sign of the health of the food industry, and ironically enough, on the appetite for UK food.

Besides, there are more home grown food companies coming up through the ranks to more than replace any lost to overseas buyers.

So rejoice in the new breed of foodie companies rather than bemoan the loss of the old guard, I say.


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