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Anonymous v Donald Trump: Hacktivist group sets April 1 date for 'total war' on Republican candidate

By Mark O'Beirne

Hacktivist group Anonymous has declared “total war” on Donald Trump and plans to strike next on April 1st.

In a call-to-arms video posted on YouTube, a masked member of the group says that it’s time to take Trump down by taking his websites offline and by revealing “what he doesn't want the public to know."

On April 1st, Anonymous plans to target the website for Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago with a DDoS attack.

In the video, the person says that anyone with a computer can get involved; a DDoS attack simply involves flooding the site with requests, which means that supporters can contribute to the effort just by visiting the website.

In December, the group took down the Trump Towers NY site as a response to Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims entering the US. The group took the site offline as a "statement against racism and hatred,” and warned that the US presidential candidate should think twice about his stance.

Earlier this month, the group allegedly hacked Trump’s voicemail leaking messages from 2012. These messages seemingly featured prominent members in the US media thanking Trump for his financial support.

The next operation in the war on Trump seems less drastic than previous actions, but many will be watching to see what unfolds on April 1st.

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