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Apple iWatch: Tech giant reportedly working to overcome issues with much anticipated device

Apple is reportedly working to overcome several issues with its much anticipated iWatch.

The watch has hit a number of snags in battery life, display technology and manufacturing processes, according to recent leaks from Asian supply chain sources.

Coming somewhat late to the smartwatch market, the tech giant has several products to compete with when it finally hits the stores.

Sony's second generation watch - which sells for around £130 - allows interaction between a range of Android phones.

The simpler Pebble watch - which forgoes a full colour screen to boost battery life - is also already on sale.

Meanwhile Apple's biggest rival in the smartphone market, Samsung, also launched their own contender towards the end of last year.

The Galaxy Gear allows users to access emails, texts and even make phone calls - without touching their mobile.

It works via a Bluetooth connection with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

But despite the glitz and glam the device is currently limited to connectivity with one phone.

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