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Apple's new iPhone SE and iPad Pro a hit with tech analysts

Technology analysts were unanimously impressed with Apple's plans to reach new markets and users with the launch of the iPhone SE and new iPad Pro.

Stephen Ebbett, global director of gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble, said: "A less powerful processor would have been perfectly acceptable in a cheaper iPhone but, with the processor and graphics on par with the iPhone 6s, you're left wondering what features have Apple scrimped on to keep costs down? Other than the screen size, not many it seems.

"Those who weren't bowled over by the 5c, Apple's previous lower-cost iPhone, should be willing to give the SE more serious consideration. It certainly looks more grown up, with a metal body, and decidedly less bold colour options than the 5c."

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, shared a similar view on the iPhone SE being designed to reach new markets.

"The launch of the iPhone SE should be read as a retaliation - a battle cry to the Chinese challenger brands that have taken a bite out of Apple in recent months," he said.

"Taking the iconic design of the 5s and supercharging it with the innards of the 6s, its best iPhone yet, and for a vastly lower price, should strike fear in the hearts of brands already competing in the mid-range mobile market.

"Apple's been there before, mind. The iPhone 5c was supposed to be a cheap and cheerful iPhone but raised eyebrows when it launched because it was only £80 cheaper than the flagship 5s back in 2013.

"But this time around, Apple has priced the SE cleverly at the sweet spot for instant sales, meaning there is no reason why this four-inch handset and its chamfered edges shouldn't fly off the shelves from the word go."

On the iPad Pro, Mr Doku said: "The iPad Pro launch appears to cater to consumer whims over true innovation - with new colours and sizes the order of the day.

"Honey, I've shrunk the iPad, cried Tim Cook - no doubt in response to the moaners who lamented the huge size of the very first Pro.

"Reducing the size of their business device but keeping the beefed-up specs might suit the business traveller who needs portability."

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