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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Ubisoft to unveil new game set in Victorian London

Ubisoft is set to reveal the newest instalment in its Assassin’s Creed series next week.

The game, rumoured to be titled Syndicate and set in Victoria London, will be announced on May 12.

Syndicate had previously been said to be called Victory. But rumours suggest that it has changed the name to Syndicate, as the company unveiled a very mysterious teaser trailer.

That shows two hands, one wearing gloves with a blade peeking out and another holding a knuckle duster and a fancy cane. The video also seems to reveal the game’s slogan, “oppression has to end”.

In addition to those clues, the rest of the trailer only reveals factual information — that the “world premiere reveal” will take place on May 12 at 6pm CET, or 5pm UK time.

The most recent release from the Assassin’s Creed world was Chronicles: China, a spin-off game featuring new characters and a different design from previous games. That was released last month.

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