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Belfast tech start-up Taggled signs vlogging deal with Wix

An unheralded Belfast start-up is supplying video creators around the globe with a free digital tool which allows them to add clickable products, people, place and music tags within their videos.

Despite being founded only last year, Taggled has signed a deal with Nasdaq-listed Wix that enables customers of one of the world’s leading website builders to use their pioneering service.

The deal highlights the growing popularity of video blogging, or 'vlogging’.

By adding clickable tags onto videos, Taggled  gives viewers the option to buy items direct from the video – with the video creator earning a commission as a result.

“I'm absolutely delighted that Wix now have a Taggled app on their platform,” said Taggled founder Ian Scott.

“To be among apps like Ebay, Facebook and YouTube is big news for our team and I'm immensely proud of our achievement.”

"Up until now, there’s been no way to offer viewers a way to interact with videos and allow them to dig deeper into what they're seeing.”

Mr Scott said vlogging is one of the internet's boom industries.

"While make-up and beauty videos are the most popular areas, Taggled is increasingly being used by businesses who want to make their videos shoppable. Our research has shown that by providing interactive and clickable video, audience engagement is up to 20 times higher compared with regular videos.”

Eric Mason, Director of Communications, US with Wix, said video interactivity is on the cutting edge of sophisticated marketing and sales efforts: "With the launch of Taggled Wix users, small businesses and entrepreneurs have at their finger-tips these same powerful video capabilities but without the need for coding and technical skills.”

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