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Dublin Tech Summit: Punters get chance to sample beer created using AI

By Sean Duffy

A crowd of 10,000 flocked to the inaugural Dublin Tech Summit in the Convention Centre to sample the world's first ever beer created by artificial intelligence and listen to Robothespian sing songs.

Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin was one of the speakers and discussed the link between tech and the arts with Pixar's Matthew Luhn.

Other speakers included Emmy-winning veteran CNN anchor Gina London and Irish jewellery entrepreneur Chupi Sweetman.

Robothespian was one of the most popular attractions - the life-sized humanoid robot is designed for human interaction.

It can speak a variety of languages and likes to sing songs.

The summit promises to appeal to everyone, not just "tech bros" and also has a lively nightlife with a selection of Dublin bars encouraging attendees to swing by and keep networking after hours.

Noelle O'Reilly, CEO of the Dublin Tech Summit, said that simplicity was central to the summit's success. "We wanted to make our attendees' experience here as simple, straightforward and enjoyable as possible."

More than 200 speakers will take to the eight stages across the two days. Some of the topics include 'technology's role in the future of healthcare', 'the digitisation of the fashion industry' and 'rise of the robots'.

Some of the largest tech firms in the world, such as Microsoft, Intel, Google, PayPal and Facebook, will be in attendance.

In a bid to increase diversity at the event, organisers gave away €400,000 worth of tickets to under-represented groups in the tech industry, including women and students.

A total of 48pc of the attendees are women.