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Easter Hunt app turns home into virtual egg trail

Developers have launched an app in time for the Easter weekend that allows parents to set up augmented reality Easter egg hunts.

The app is called Easter Hunt and has been created by Gamar, which has previously created similar location-based tools for The British Museum and other museums. As with other augmented reality tools, the app allows children to hunt for virtual eggs in real life — using the location aware technology in phones and tablets to bring the two together.

The app is available for iOS and Android now.

The app works by allowing parents or children to create a real trail — around their own house, or anywhere else — and leaving clues along the way. Players can then go through the trail, working together if necessary to find the hidden eggs.

It will be updated in future to allow for saving and sharing hunts, as well as using different themes such as “Spy, Spooky or Treasure”.

Source: Independent

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