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Forget the iPad...Apple could launch massive high-definition television

Technology giants Apple could start selling ultra-high definition televisions with huge 65-inch screens, according to reports.

The firm could soon join a host of big-name rival brands - such as Samsung - in the home television marketplace, if recent reports are to be believed.

That could include so-called 'ultra-high definition' models between 55 and 65-inches in diameter, boasting resolutions many times greater than the current crop of TVs.

The rumours come as Apple is set to launch its latest line of products - set to include the newest incarnation of the iPad.


But, despite a cryptic tag-line, the contents of the event probably won't be that surprising.

With the launch being referred to by most of the tech media as “the Apple iPad event” it's a fairly safe bet to say that we can expect two new iPads: an iPad 5 and a second generation iPad mini.

To follow the live launch - click the link below

Live video: Apple launch iPad 5


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