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Game of Thrones live streams: Twitter to suspend Periscope users that broadcast copyrighted content

Twitter could suspend the accounts of those people that used Periscope to livestream the premiere of Game of Thrones or any other copyrighted content, it has said.

Dozens of livestreams were launched to allow people who didn’t have access to the channels that are showing the programme — Sky Atlantic in the UK — to see it. But those that did so could have their accounts terminated.

Most of the livestreams were low quality, and filmed using cameras pointed at TVs in people’s living rooms. But they represented the first way to watch the programme without the necessary subscriptions, before torrents and other illegally acquired copies of the film were uploaded online.

A source close to Periscope told Mashable Australia "anyone who violates the terms of service will be suspended or shut down."

Companies that own video content are mostly treating Periscope as they would any other live feed, considering it a way of violating their copyright.

But copies of the first four episodes of the programme are already up online, after they were leaked ahead of the premiere.

The restrictions also include filming things live that Periscopers don’t own the rights to. Filming Premier League football matches, even if you are at the game, constitutes as much of a breach of the copyright of those that are showing the match as if people broadcast a feed over the internet. The same is true of filming concerts using the app.

Twitter-owned Periscope launched last month as a way of sending out live video, using a phone's camera to broadcast over the internet.

Source: Independent

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