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Games round-up

Yoostar 2 gives gamers the chance to step into the shoes of their favourite movie characters on Xbox 360, Dragon Age 2 throws PS3 players into an incredible RPG sequel, while Pop Cap Hits 2 is another top-notch arcade collection on the 360.


Title: Dragon Age 2

Platform: PS3

Genre: RPG

Price: £49.99

For RPG fans that like their role-playing experiences long and deliciously detailed, Dragon Age 2 will come at the perfect time for them. Following up from 2009's epic Dragon Age: Origins, the sequel thrusts you into the role of Hawke, a refugee who survives the destruction of his homeland and becomes the Champion of Kirkwall. The lore around Hawke's rise to power is shrouded in myth and rumour and is the driving force behind this all-new story spanning 10 years in the Dragon Age universe timeline. And it's a decade that will demand you gather the deadliest of allies, make the toughest of moral choices, amassing fame and fortune along the way. The action plays out even slicker than the original, although there are elements of mission simplification that feel like hefty holes punched through an otherwise action-packed adventure. But, if you're up for a beefy fantasy challenge of Tolkien-esque proportions, take the first train to Thedas...



Title: Yoostar 2

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Movies

Price: £44.99

If you're tired of trying to become the next product of Simon Cowell's TV circus on your home Singstar system, you might want to plump for a change in virtual careers and try your hand at the acting game, thanks to Yoostar 2 and some tasty 'green screen' Kinect technology. You can insert yourself into more than 80 famous movie and TV scenes, starring alongside or in place of your favourite actors. With all the performance power in your hands, you can say the lines as scripted, or deliver your own quirky improvisation. After you've finished, Yoostar scores your performance, and you can upload your scene to Yoostar 2's in-game social portal via Xbox Live, and Facebook. The technology works smoothly and it's great fun to begin with, but even with films as wide and varied as The Hangover and The Wizard Of Oz, the novelty quickly wears off, particularly after a flurry of cutting reviews from your online critics!



Title: Pop Cap Hits: Vol. 2

Platform: Xbox 360

Genre: Arcade

Price: £29.99

Following hot on the heels of Pop Cap Hits: Vol. 1 comes the imaginatively entitled Pop Cap Hits: Vol. 2, another infectious arcade collection of titles that are easy to pick up and play yet, in some cases, devilishly difficult to put down. Volume 2 is a mixed bag of gaming hits and misses, but it most definitely hits the bullseye as far as Plants vs Zombies is concerned. An absolute classic, this tower defence-style assault throws armies of the undead at you and draws on your quick thinking and tactical prowess to progress. By contrast, Heavy Weapon scrapes the bottom of the barrel with an unwieldy side-scrolling shooter, while Feeding Frenzy 2 is a perfectly enjoyable ambient journey through the underwater food chain. Zuma, from way back in 2003, completes the quartet with a ball-firing puzzler that offers another fun retro option. In short, quick-fix arcade fun that's well worth a look.



Title: Dood's Big Adventure

Platform: Wii

Genre: Action

Price: £51.05

Dood is unlike any other video game character. Why? Because he or she is exclusively designed by you. Yes, lending your uDraw tablet artistic talent to character creation is the first challenge ahead of you, before you move on to tackle 60 levels of arcade action, all executed with the stylus on the touch-sensitive tablet. From creating trampolines for Dood to use to navigate tricky terrain in levels to tilting the tablet so that you can roll him left and right, the ingenious control options make this Big Adventure a pretty unique gameplay experience. Graphically it feels a little bit behind the times but, perked up with the latest in Wii peripheral technology, Dood, the mini-games, bubble trouble and painting options provide an interesting adventure that will certainly draw in gamers of all ages.



Title: Tiny Wings

Platform: iPhone

Genre: Action

Price: £0.59

There are some games that you just know within five minutes of playing that they're going to have you hooked and cause something of a sensation. Tiny Wings is one such title, requiring only intermittent but perfectly timed tapping of the iPhone's touchscreen to control your little bird. As he bails out of his nest you must hold your finger on the screen to tuck his wings in and gather speed down hills, releasing your grip on the way up the next incline, sending him sling-shot style into the sky to cruise past the obstacles below. Of course, it's not quite that easy, and if you get the timing wrong on the slopes, you'll seriously slow down as night-time edges ever closer to signal the end of your game. So simple, so addictive, with a multiplier objective-based score system that will have you in a feathered flap. Buy it now.



The UK gaming community is clearly getting itself in a lather ahead of the release of the Nintendo 3DS at the end of this month. Demand for the handheld device is continuing to grow, and the 3DS will already enjoy the most successful launch of any console in the UK, after it passed the 100,000 pre-order mark. And Nintendo has said that availability at launch will be strong, so the 3DS could streak even further away from the manufacturer's previous top-selling Wii console.

In the charts this week, Pokemon dominated the top of the tree, with the all-new White and Black versions snatching first and second spot. Fight Night Champion was the week's only other new entry at three, all of which meant a host of tumbles for the established titles, most notably Killzone 3, which dropped from one to five.


1. Pokemon White Version

2. Pokemon Black Version

3. Fight Night Champion

4. Bulletstorm

5. Killzone 3

6. Call Of Duty: Black Ops

7. Just Dance 2

8. FIFA 11

9. Dead Space 2

10. Wii Party

Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (c) 2010 UKIE Ltd

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