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Google guru tells all at Antrim event

By Graham Bardgett

A 26-year-old self-styled "Google guru" was giving the lowdown on his success story at a leaders' forum being held today in Antrim.

Millionaire Guy Levine was spilling the beans to delegates at the Academy of Chief Executives event in Antrim Civic Centre.

Mr Levine, who is from England, consults with some of the largest corporations in the world, helping them to develop moneymaking business strategies.

ACE Northern Ireland chairman Alan Branagh said Mr Levine had a " radically different approach" to life.

"He started his first business at the age of 16 after deciding not to go to college," said Mr Branagh.

"He developed his own strategies around thinking and taking action - something managers will be able to empathise with, as they may often act impulsively or on gut instinct to get results."

Mr Branagh said the objective of ACE, which formed a local branch in 1995, was to create a regional peer network containing people against whom business entrepreneurs could bounce their ideas.

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