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Ikea launches wireless charging furniture: Lamps, tables and pads to use Qi charging standard


Ikea has unveiled new furniture with built-in wireless charging pads, using the Qi standard in furniture that lamps, tables and standalone pads.

Qi is the most popular standard among handset manufacturers – the Nexus 6 and LG G3 both use it – but a competing standard known as PMA has been taken on by many of the restaurants and shops that have introduced charging pads.

The Samsung Galaxy S6, announced yesterday, is the first phone capable of using both standards.

Converters, which come in the form of small dongles, can be used to convert one to the other in most phones. They can also be used to allow phones without wireless charging to make use of the technology.

Ikea will sell cases for iPhones and older Samsung Galaxy phones so that they can make use of the standard.

The charging furniture will go on sale in mid-April in Europe and the rest of the UK, and North America. The products will start from £30, Ikea said.

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