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Introducing the iPhone 6: The official, the unofficial... and even the fake

By Paul Connolly

Apple Inc appears to be gearing up for an official launch of the new iPhone 6 on 9 September - even though it appears the device has not moved into mass production yet.

The move comes as the internet swirls with teaser information - some official, much unofficial or even fake - about the features of the new phone.

The website is reporting that the phone has moved another step close to production.

In a report titled, "iPhone 6 Reportedly Entering Final Quality Control Stage Ahead of Mass Production", the website said sources in the Chinese media claim the phone has "entered a final product validation testing stage ahead of mass production before its launch this fall" (autumn).

Macrumours adds: "Apple is reportedly working with Foxconn's Zhengzhou factory to produce a small number of units to ensure quality control standards have been implemented, as the device will then be mass produced at Apple's various supply partners.

"Previously, a report last month claimed that Apple had already begun mass production for the iPhone 6, however it is possible that reported production issues may have led to delayed testing and output.

"It is also unknown whether this final testing stage is for both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6, as Apple has reportedly had issues in producing the latter's sapphire display and battery life."

An Apple indication of launch event on Tuesday, September 9 has led many to believe that will be the new phone's launch date, although this has not been confirmed.

The new phone is expected to be thinner, lighter, more rounded and featuring a better camera with improved stabilisation software and a faster and more efficient new chip generation inside - believed to be called the Apple A8.

Meanwhile, the internet is awash with teasers and information about the new phone. Some is official, some unofficial, some misleading and some downright fake, according to commentators on Google, YouTube and other popular websites.

The quality of fakes like the one above has left many people believing they are looking at the real thing, only to be disappointed when others demonstrate they have been conned.

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