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iPhone App Review: Charles Peattie's Animal Alphabet

The 'Apps for Kids' section of Apple's online store shows the increasing popularity of the iPhone as a way to educate and entertain children, with 50 pages of recommended apps currently available to buy.

There are educational tools that will appeal to youngsters of every age and Charles Peattie's Animal Alphabet should be at the top of the list for pre-schoolers.

A combination of colourful animations, sound effects and a groovy theme tune will grab your child's attention but the real quality lies in the intuitive control system that makes full use of the iPhone's touchscreen capabilities.

Animal Alphabet is an interactive experience that encourages children to learn the alphabet and take the first steps towards reading through three play options.

The user can scroll through the entire animal alphabet, select a favourite animal from the list or take part in a quiz. A universal update is due to add HD animations but the drawings are very impressive as they are with minimal pixelisation, regardless of whether viewing on an iPhone or a generously sized iPad screen.

Children will have no trouble mastering the 26 animal themed animations that have an old-school hand-drawn appeal to them that really helps to set this app apart from similar ones available.

The only con is the app will almost certainly have a limited lifespan but at £1.79 this is excellent value-for-money. Highly recommended.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later

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