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Netflix: How to unlock all hidden categories with free Chrome extension that reveals secret genres

A new Chrome extension is making it easier for Netflix users to track down the content they want to watch.

Netflix currently allows users to either search for an exact title or flick through a small number of suggested categories.

Since thousands of TV shows and films are available on the service, this can make browsing a time-consuming process, with users often forced to scroll down lengthy pages of options before finding what they want to watch.

Free Chrome extension Netflix Categories, however, unlocks the site’s numerous hidden categories, allowing users to flick through specific genres quickly.

It lets users streamline the process further, with the ability to search for and even bookmark their favourite categories.

Netflix Categories currently provides access to over 100 hidden categories, but its creator Deekshith Allamaneni wants to add to this number, according to The Next Web.

As it’s a Chrome extension, it only works when you visit Netflix through Google’s browser, and not through the app. You can download Netflix Categories here.

Going a step further, users can gain access to all of Netflix’s thousands of hidden genres by using specific secret codes.

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