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New budget Nokia phone with one-month battery life unveiled

By Adrian Weckler

A new budget mobile phone that can play movies, has a one-month battery life and is cheaper to buy than one of the top-up cards it uses has been unveiled.

The Nokia 130, due to go on sale for about £15, will target the growing 'second phone' market among people who need a back-up handset or don't want to risk their expensive smartphone at music festivals or on holidays.

Recent research suggests that more than half of adults in Northern Ireland use a smart phone compared to 21% in 2011.

It's also estimated one in 10 smartphone users damage or lose their devices, with cracked screens being the most common complaint. Battery life on most smartphones is also a widespread problem, with many devices requiring 'top up' charges during the day.

The new budget device from Nokia can last on standby for 36 days, or 13 hours' continuous talk time. The phone, which comes without apps or a touchscreen, can also play movies and music on its colour display through a memory card. It also has a torch on the back of its case.

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