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New iPhone7 is £800 ... but you can't plug your headphones in

By Staff Reporter

Technology giant Apple has announced its newest iPhones, the 7 and 7 Plus, which are water and dust resistant.

The new phone looks almost identical to its predecessors, except for more rounded edges.

But it has completely changed inside, with a new camera, faster processors - and the controversial removal of the headphone jack.

The new phones were launched alongside the second version of the Apple Watch at an event in San Francisco last night.

Apple's next iPhones will also come without the analog headphone jack that's been standard on iPhones and most other electronic devices for years.

To make up for that change, Apple is offering new AirPods that wirelessly connected to each other and to the phone.

It will also allow people to buy different Bluetooth headphones, use earphones that connect through the Lightning port on the bottom of the phone, or use a connector that plugs into the same thing but allows headphone jacks to be attached.

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said ditching the 50-year-old jack comes down to "courage to move on to something new".

Schiller says removing the port frees up space in the phone for newer technologies.

Apple also got rid of the home button that sits on the front of the phone.

Instead, the phone will vibrate in a special way that makes the phone's button feel like it is being pressed, and will allow the apparent button to sense force.

The new iPhones are getting stereo speakers - one on each side of the phone - along with a display capable of reproducing a wider range of colors, and a two-lens camera on its rear, allowing it to offer a choice of focal lengths

Analysts say the new iPhones could help Apple recover modestly from a recent dip in sales. It sold nearly 92 million iPhones during the first six months of this year, about 15% fewer than the same period last year.

The new iPhone 7 ranges in price from £599 to £799, depending on the amount of storage, while the iPhone 7 Plus ranges from £719 to £919.

They will be available to buy in the UK from September 16.

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