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Nexus 10: Look out Apple, Google just declared war on the iPad

By Alex Masters

The Nexus 10 is Google’s answer to Apple’s iPad 4, complete with stereo speakers, front and rear cameras, 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 2GB Ram and either 16 or 32GB storage options.

This impressive hardware sits behind a 2560-by-1600 pixel display, boasting the highest resolution of any tablet on the market with a pixel density of 300 pixel per inch, far greater than the iPad’s 264 ppi equivalent. Apple’s ‘Retina’ branding doesn’t seem all that impressive anymore.

The Nexus 10 is encased in unibody plastic chassis, which Google say is an essential feature in order to ensure the device is as thin, light and affordable as possible. The tablet weighs in at just 603 grams, with a mind-boggling thickness of just 8.9 millimetres.

The only feature currently missing in the Nexus 10 is 3G or 4G LTE connectivity, meaning you’ll need to tether the tablet to a mobile hotspot or internet connected smartphone whenever a WiFi connection is unavailable. It’s possible Google will add 3G/4G models at some point in the future, like they have with the Nexus 7, but until then it’s WiFi only unfortunately.

The Nexus 10 does however support MIMO WiFi, a new technology that can theoretically speed up web browsing up to four times faster than traditional WiFi speeds can deliver. However, this remains to be seen. It seems Google are more interested in targeting the Nexus 10 towards families, designed for use in the home, rather than out and about. Referring to it as “the perfect couch or coffee table companion”.

The latest version of Android (4.2) will bring with it the ability to fast-switch between user accounts, making it possible for several people to share the same tablet with completely separate logins, all running side-by-side.

Google are pushing their Play store content heavily with the Nexus 10, as they want users to consume paid digital content on the device, such as apps, movies, TV shows, books, magazines and music.

For the first time we’re seeing an Android tablet that truly competes with Apple’s latest iPad. The Nexus 10 is thinner, lighter, faster and higher resolution tablet, but it takes more than a few impressive specs to persuade consumers to part with their well earned money. Google are well aware of the uphill battle they face against Apple’s tablet dominance, which is why they have priced the Nexus 10 accordingly.

You’ll be able to purchase a 16GB Nexus 10 for just £319, direct from Google’s Play store. That’s £80 cheaper than Apple’s cheapest fourth generation iPad. At £389 for the 32GB model, the price difference increases even further to £90.

When you combine the Nexus 10’s price, power, technology and multi-user support, Google really have built a tablet that goes toe-to-toe with iPad in almost every way, and in many cases outshines Apple’s offering altogether. It will be fascinating to see how well the Nexus 10 fares against the iPad this holiday season.

The Samsung Nexus 10 will be available to purchase on Tuesday November 13 direct from the Google Play Store.

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