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Nintendo Switch trailer: Company reveals new hybrid console previously known as 'NX'

Nintendo has revealed its new console, which it hopes can bring back its fortunes.

The console originally known only by the codename "NX", is in fact called "Switch". And that appears to refer to the fact that it is a hybrid system – allowing people to play games on their TV but then take it away if they need to leave, at which point the controller will transform into an entirely handheld system.

The new console will be available in March 2017, the company said.

Nintendo's special website for the launch seemed to buckle under the interest. But the trailer revealed plenty about the system – including that it appears to include games like Skyrim.

In advance of the release, mystery surrounded what exactly the console would be. There were rumours of both had a handheld console and a traditional one plugged into a TV – and, on the basis of the trailer, the Switch appears to be both.

Reaction on social media was very mixed. Some were incredibly excited by the release of a new Nintendo console and the unusual system – which hasn't been tried before in a mainstream console – while others mocked the unusual arrangement.

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