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PlayStation VR: Sony virtual reality headset pre-orders sell out on Amazon within 10 minutes

Pre-orders for PlayStation VR, Sony's upcoming virtual reality headset for the PS4, have sold out on Amazon within 10 minutes of becoming available.

The headsets, which cost £350, were available to pre-order on Amazon UK from 11AM on 16 March. By 11:10AM, they had all sold out.

The lucky gamers who managed to place their order within the 10-minute window should receive their devices on launch day, currently scheduled for October 2016.

Pre-orders are now available on the site again, but there's no details on when buyers will get the headsets this time - suggesting later customers might theirs after the launch date. Amazon has also said their pre-orders are limited to one per customer, due to limited stock.

There's still other places to get your orders in, while they last. The headset is available to pre-order on GAME's website, along with a £390 bundle which includes the PlayStation Camera, a neccessary purchase if you want the PlayStation VR to work.

You can also pre-order the device in one of GAME's high-street shops, but you'll need to put down a £100 deposit first.

Pre-orders are also available from GameStop UK, who don't appear to have sold out yet. It's also set to be sold at Argos, although they're only letting customers register their interest at the moment.

Naturally, it'll be available from other retailers after launch.

It's no wonder that gamers have rushed to pre-order the headset - its price makes it far cheaper than its main competitors in the world of high-end VR, the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

In fact, buying a brand-new PlayStation 4, the PlayStation VR headset and the camera would cost you less than the Vive alone. That's not counting the hefty price of the powerful gaming PC you'd need to run the Vive or Rift.

With a low price, some impressive-looking launch games, compatibility with an inexpensive and widely-used console and an established stable of developers working inside the PlayStation ecosystem (there's apparently already 160 games in development for the platform), it looks like the PlayStation VR could be the headset to beat this year.


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