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PS4 backwards compatibility: Sony asks gamers for the full list of PS2 games they want to play again

Shortly after Microsoft unveiled a long list of Xbox 360 games they will make backwards compatible for the Xbox One, Sony has announced the PS2 backwards compatability will be coming to the PlayStation 4 - and they're asking gamers what titles they want to make the cut.

There's no word yet on when this backwards compatibility will arrive, or how it will work - will gamers be able to put PS2 discs in their new consoles, or will they have to download the games?

At any rate, the tech has been confirmed, and it looks like Sony is asking for feedback from players on what PS2 games they want.

Last week, the PlayStation UK Twitter account tweeted: "Which games would you love to play again? SSX Tricky and Timesplitters 2 get our vote in the office."

The same day, Sony XDev Europe, Sony's own in-house developers who have worked on titles like LittleBigPlanet and Heavy Rain, asked their Twitter followers: "So what PS2 games would you like to see on your PS4?"

The backwards compatibility news comes as a pleasant surprise to PlayStation owners, especially since Sony said in October that there would no be backwards compatibility for PS3 titles.

It's also good they're asking for feedback from their customers from the start - the Xbox One backwards compatability was good news, but some of the games they chose were a little odd.

Much-loved games like Mass Effect and Rainbow Six Vegas were made backwards compatible, but they also decided to include more obscure and less popular titles, while neglecting a number of legendary 360 games.

So what PS2 games would you like to see? SSX Tricky is indeed a good choice, but introducing titles like GTA Vice City and maybe even a Crash Bandicoot game or two would really get gamers foaming at the mouth.


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