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Review: God Of War: Ascension PS3

Mention the words God Of War and any gamer should begin to salivate at the prospect of incredible action, unbelievable bosses and blood-spattering battles throughout.

Going back to where it all began with this prequel, Ascension doesn't disappoint, and proves to be another marvellous mythical adventure that completes the wider story arc for Kratos and leaves fans of the series wondering what's next as the PS4 looms large on the horizon.

However, in the here and now, Ascension delivers a great storyline, and the kind of eye-popping presentation we were all wishing for when Kratos first showed his face on PS2.

Ascension is an unexpected and riveting journey that tells the dark and more human past of Kratos before he became the ‘Ghost of Sparta’.

This epic prequel reveals, for the very first time, where the epic journey of Kratos in the story of God of War began and acts as the perfect entry point for new players who are joining the franchise for the first time.

Players have the chance to become Kratos and master the legendary Spartan’s new advanced combat where they can:

  • Make a stand against a titanic beast and its infected legions
  • Unleash rage in fiery explosions that burn your enemies to ash
  • Impale enemies on chained blades and use them in combat as living wrecking balls
  • Wield the weapons of your enemies in new combos
  • And climb and slide through the chaos as the world turns upside down around you.

Pixel perfect, the game is backed up by much improved combat mechanics, which integrate a new targeting system and will challenge even the most hardcore of GoW fans.

Indeed, the difficulty at times almost proves to be this title's downfall, but your perseverance will more than pay off in the end. Pack in a host of multiplayer modes and you have a whopping release for PS3 fans.

God of War: Ascension is released today. Enjoy.

Rating: 90%

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