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Review: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

As the latest in a long series of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, Explorers of Sky follows a tried and tested formula that dates back to the early-90s.

In video games terms this is, of course, pretty ancient and unfortunately there's no escaping the feeling of deja vu while taking on dungeon-dwelling monsters in a turn-based fighting format.

To add to the tedium, each fight is relayed using text so this leaves the 'exploration' aspects of the game that occur away from the dungeons as the only parts that don't feel limited in terms of what you can do to advance.

These are made up of villages where you can meet Pokemon residents who will send you off on missions but there ends the fun as these quests invariably result in you fighting your way through another dungeon filled with random monsters.

Given the pulling-power of the Pokemon name - by far Nintendo's biggest property over the past decade or so - it's reasonable to assume anything featuring the cartoon creatures will sell reasonably well. Indeed, the brand has produced some excellent titles over the years, namely the Pokemon Platinum and Diamond titles which featured 3D graphics and online battles and trading.

Even for die-hard fans, best sticking with those 'proper' Pokemon titles of old which continue to overshadow the Dungeon series.

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