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Spartan: Windows 10’s browser will use Chrome extensions

Windows 10’s new lightweight browser will be able to use Chrome extensions — allowing developers to create one add-on that can be used across browsers.

The new browser was rumoured at the end of last month. It is said to be a stripped down and light browser, more like Google’s Chrome than Internet Explorer.

And it might have more than its look in common with Chrome, according to reports today. When the browser is revealed at Microsoft’s event later today it will be able to use Chrome’s extensions, according to Neowin.

That is likely to help developers, who are already pleased with the announcement of Microsoft’s new browser. While Internet Explorer is used by a large proportion of web users, the application is now old and often slow, meaning that developers of apps and websites have to work extra hard to make their products work with it.

And the flexibility on extensions will mean that developers will be able to build extensions for both browsers at the same time, with minimal effort.

The browser is likely to sit alongside Microsoft’s Internet Explorer at first, before replacing it.

Microsoft is reported to be replacing Internet Explorer in part to get away from customers’ bad memories of old versions of the application. Though it has been sped up considerably in recent years, many still perceive Internet Explorer as slow and often unable to properly load websites.

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