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Surf the internet in virtual reality with Samsung's new browser for the Gear VR headset

It's not the most practical way to browse the internet, but it's definitely the most futuristic

After the well-received release of their Gear virtual reality headset, Samsung have gone one step further - by creating a new browser that will let Gear users surf the internet in VR.

The company released the beta version of the Samsung Internet for Gear VR app on the Oculus Store today, which works with most new Samsung smartphones.

The headset allows people to put their phone into it and use it as a virtual reality screen, and has proved popular since release due to its low cost and ease of use.

It sounds very futuristic, but VR probably isn't the best way to browse the internet - the lower resolution of the headset will make text difficult to read, and having to use voice recognition or a tricky VR on-screen keyboard rather than a physical one will prove difficult.

However, there are some cool features - 'Gaze Mode' allows users to press buttons and open menus just by looking at them, and VR fans will be able to view normal and 360-degree videos in the browser, without having to download them first or open a new app.

It's maybe not the most practical way to browse, but it certainly seems fun. Why browse the internet on a PC in your lap when you could be doing it on a screen strapped to your head?


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