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Video: Watch mind-mincing motion effect footage for 30 seconds - does the world melt away for you?

The latest craze to sweep across social media platforms is the motion after-effect video - watch the mind altering video above for 30 seconds then look away ..... has the world begun to 'melt'?. Do not watch if you are prone to seizures.

So what causes this affect? The explanation, according to according to Wilipedia is:  "Neurons coding a particular movement reduce their responses with time of exposure to a constantly moving stimulus; this is neural adaptation. Neural adaptation also reduces the spontaneous, baseline activity of these same neurons when responding to a stationary stimulus.

"One theory is that perception of stationary objects, for example rocks beside a waterfall, is coded as the balance among the baseline responses of neurons coding all possible directions of motion. Neural adaptation of neurons stimulated by downward movement reduces their baseline activity, tilting the balance in favor of upward movement.

"An alternate explanation is based on increase in excitability of neurons having a preference for a direction that is opposite to the adapting direction. Adapting direction selective neurons hyperpolarize due to long duration intracellular sodium and calcium ion accumulation. This causes extracellular imbalances and an increase in brain tissue excitability; which spreads via ionic diffusion in extracellular space and glial assisted mechanisms.

"This causes the opposite direction neurons to spike when a stationary stimulus is presented, as these neurons have no hyperpolarizing intracellular imbalances but get surrounded by depolarizing extracellular imbalances. So after continuously looking at motion in a particular direction when one looks at a stationary stimulus, it appears to move in the opposite direction, as neurons selective to opposite direction have got depolarized and exhibit spiking activity."

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