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We try out six of the best gardening gadgets for readers

Spring is almost in the air once again, so get a head start and help your garden truly bloom with these great gadgets for the green-fingered, writes Keeley Bolger.

Garden Wildlife Camera, £139.99,

Spring heralds the start of new beginnings, and the climax of nature's soap opera often takes place on your doorstep.

As winter's brood get ready to fledge, take a front-row seat and catch the moment when birds stretch and use their wings for the first time with a nifty wildlife camera.

Point this one at any bird nest in your garden and stream the footage to your television.

The camera is weatherproof and takes infrared film at night, so you can also aim it towards the ground to catch hedgehogs, foxes and any other nocturnal creatures on camera.

Parrot Pot — Black, £129.99,

If you really, really like a particular plant and are willing to shell out for its upkeep, this gizmo can really help you out. Priced at £129.99, the Parrot Pot is steep for a plant container, but it does earn the hefty price tag (although any singing to the shoots will have to be done by you).

Built with four sensors, it'll monitor and water your plant around the clock dependent on its needs. Download the app and you'll receive updates on whether your plant needs more sunshine or water, the bonus of the app being that if you're away a lot, you can programme the pot to take the role of a trustworthy neighbour and keep your bloom moist throughout the day.

Hozelock Greenpower Thermal Weeder, £75.99, John Lewis

Use the latest technology to hunt out nasties in your garden. This gizmo sends out a thermal shock - so no pesticides or chemicals - to weeds without damaging any other plants nearby, thanks to the protective cone shielding other greens from its sweltering rays. The weeder is electrically powered and comes with a cable measuring 3m.

Mac Allister 600W Electric Grass Trimmer, £40, B&Q

Proving you don't need to spend a fortune on tech is this electric grass trimmer. At just £40, it'll trim smaller spaces and tidy up your lawns quickly.

The support wheels are detachable, so there's a good deal of flexibility to roam and you have 6m of cable to stretch to the corners of your green spaces.

Bosch ALB18LI Cordless Leaf Blower, £69, John Lewis

If autumn and winter leaves are still on the ground, it's time to wipe the slate clean.

A good old-fashioned hard broom does the job, but then so too does this leaf blower, albeit with a bit less elbow grease and, depending on your arm power, hopefully a little bit faster too.

Charge it up for three-and-a-half hours for 10 minutes to meander and blast your lawns and patio free of leaves.

Brother GLH105 Handheld Garden Labelling Machine, £39.99, Argos

This is a gadget perfect for all those people who just love to have everything tidy and organised. Small enough to place in your palm while inspecting plants, produce and seed trays, just input your text description and print out the labels to insert onto pots. The device needs 6 AAA batteries, not included.

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