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Wikipedia's most edited articles: George W Bush takes top spot

George W Bush and World Wrestling Entertainment are the two most controversial topics on Wikipedia.

The site keeps the list of its most active pages updated itself, in part so it knows which pages need to be vigilantly watched.

Berlin-based software developer Ramiro Gómez took this data and collated a list of the online encyclopedia's most edited subjects.

To do so, he had to strip out many of the non-standard pages — such as Wikipedia-specific pages like a site making note of reports of vandals.

Some pages that are lists appear to have taken their place as the busiest Wikipedia pages because they are huge lists of continually-updating information. And even things that are more static receive a stream of continuous edits  like changes to Hitler’s page.

Wikipedia’s edits are likely to be skewed by the demographics of those that use it. Overwhelmingly, the site’s editors are male and live in wealthy, Anglophone countries.

There are a number of pages related to video games in the list (PlayStation 3, RuneScape) and sports (Real Madrid, Roger Federer) — but only one woman, Britney Spears, appears.

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