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YouTuber Colin Furze builds 360-degree swing in his back garden

By Gary Fennelly

Colin Furze is at it again. The YouTuber and inventor has built the UK's only 360 degree swing in his back garden.

In a video, posted to his YouTube channel on Thursday, the Englishman can seen flying through the air at his house in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

The frame for the swing is an enormous 18ft tall, the axle over 16ft, and when combined it means Colin goes well above the height of his house.

Colin, who is also a plumber, is father to three-year-old Jake who happens to love swings. He decided to impress his son by building the massive structure at the back of his house.

In the video he Colin says: "I get motion sickness, I don't particularly like heights and I don't like going upside down.

"I put my feet between two pegs and hold onto the handle bars, then swing in the normal way, but once I get horizontal I have to lean my body forwards to help propel myself over the top of the frame.

"I was a bit nervous at first, especially as I’m not strapped in and only holding on with my arms, but it is great fun."

"It is quite physically demanding getting the swing to go high and it makes me feel sick if I go round too many times. Luckily the counter weight works well, which makes it easier for me to swing."

Colin has built a huge online following for himself since joining YouTube 10 years ago. His other inventions include a thermite cannon, a twin-propeller hoverbike and Wolverine claws.

He recently celebrated getting 3m YouTube subscribers by building a 5000 shot 'Firework Deathstar'.

Colin, we salute your courage, your strength and your indefatigability.

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