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48. Schrader Electronics

Managing director: Stephen McClelland

Employment: 936

Turnover: £169.8m

Pre-tax profit: £15.3m

Schrader Electronics has expanded quickly and profitably in recent years with an unwelcome blip in 2009 from which it has now recovered.

The local manufacturing facility is based in Carrickfergus. Until September 2010, it was a wholly owned subsidiary of Tomkins plc, registered in England.

In 2010 the Tomkins businesses were purchased by a consortium so that the ultimate parent company is now Dutch-registered Pinafore Cooperatief U A.

The principal activity of the business is the development and manufacture of remote tyre pressure monitoring systems for vehicles and other related electronic sensing technologies.

European Union legislation means that by 2012 a system of remote tyre pressure monitoring will be required on all new vehicles. This means a major increase in market opportunities.

During the year employment climbed by around 80 and both turnover and profit grew.


11 Technology Park,

Belfast Road,


BT41 1QS

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