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Audi RS6 review: Family estate that offers supercar performance levels

Roger St Pierre puts his pedal to the metal

Audi’s phenomenal RS6 Avant is living proof that performance and practicality can exist in joyous harmony for here’s a family-sized estate car that can rocket from 0-62 mph in under four seconds, unleashing a massive 552 bhp and 700 Nm of torque and outpacing many a superstar in the process.

Top speed is a controlled 155-mph but this can be raised to an eye-watering, knuckle-blanching 189-mph. Just listen to that burbling exhaust note!

While it is faster than ever, this third and latest latest iteration of the beast actually has a smaller engine than it’s predecessor, with a twin turbo four-litre V8 replacing the previous mighty 5.0-litre lump.

What makes the difference is the RS6 Performance edition’s turbo over-boost, which hikes the output figure to an impressive 597-bhp.

You’ll recognise the Performance model from the even more  stirring exhaust note, the distinctive titanium grey paint detailing and tinted privacy glass, as well as some snazzy looking over-sized (21-inch) sports alloys that help make it all the more desirable.

Audi’s famed Quattro four-wheel drive system and a road surface smoothing air-suspension set-up create a relaxed driving experience, though having all that raw power available at an instant’s notice does induce you to continually keep a firm rein on what your right foot is doing.

Driven sensibly, this monster will sip fuel at 29.4-mpg in the combined cycle helping this happen is partly achieved by the clever wheeze of shutting down four of the eight pots when in slow moving traffic.

Out on the road, the RS6’s low-slung stance and aggressive looking front end seem to magically work like the parting of the waves as drivers of lesser cars ease over to let you pass while after dark the powerful headlights are assisted by indicators that feature a bank if sweeping LEDs.

Inside, quilted leather seats, privacy glass an HD MMI Navigation system, aluminium and carbon fibre trim and a welter of other creature comforts, including a surfeit of useful bins and boxes, contribute to the creation of a delectable prestige environment that driver and passengers alike can sit back and enjoy.

When the rear seats are lowered the 565-litre luggage area expands to a massive 1,680-litres – which is handy because, despite all that performance potential, this is designed essentially to be a family car.

The not inconsiderable £80,000 plus asking price for the base RS6 swells to more than £100,000 if you opt for the Performance edition and all the extras.

Surprisingly, there’s no saloon version available.

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