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Finding the best car deals online


When it comes to getting a new car, it is difficult at times to sort through all the different car deals available online and come up with what the ideal car is for your needs. Every motorist has their own needs and wants in a new automobile and finding them catered for in one vehicle can be problematic, requiring a great deal of research.

Now, however, Chevrolet have come up with a nifty new utility on their website which not only helps you find the car that is perfectly suited to your driving requirements, but one that is also equally suitable to your budget too.

It has to be said that using the new interactive tool is simplicity itself and the results it throws up are genuinely surprising. In a little under five minutes, you can input all the various parameters of what your ideal vehicle would be and the program will work through the range of cars available from Chevrolet. It will select the best option for you, and an alternative, from the best small car that they have on offer, up to the newly released 7 seater SUV and all carefully based on the criteria you have selected.

The first question the program asks is how much you would like to spend on the car by selecting a minimum and a maximum amount. It certainly makes sense to have this question first as the budget available to a buyer will dictate the cars available to them, perhaps more so than any other factor.

Once you have informed the program of your budget, you then move onto selecting a series of parameters which will allow the program to effectively judge what the best car is for you. The next question asks what body style from the Chevrolet range you most prefer and you can rank each body style; from the small car hatchback style, right up to the 7 seater 4x4 out of 10.

The next few questions deal with how many passengers the car will hold, ranging from four passengers in a small car up to the biggest seven seat car and also the type of driving that the car is likely to be doing most of the time, whether about town, in the country or on the motorway.

Further information is collected about what type of transmission you prefer in your vehicle and the ideal level of fuel consumption you would like your new Chevrolet to achieve. As well as whether you prefer a petrol or diesel engine, how much space you would like inside the vehicle and its boot and how much power you would like the car to have.

What is most impressive when you input your selections is that you have a great deal of flexibility in your choices, you can mark an item as being absolutely unacceptable by giving it a zero rating, or conversely, by giving it a rating of 10, you state that it is a vital aspect of any car. If you have no real preference in any section, or only a weak preference, then it is easy to represent this on the rating system.

After answering just a few more questions regarding your preferences for vehicles, the program searches through the extensive Chevrolet database to come up with the car which best suits your requirements. The cars shown can often be very different to what you thought would be the ideal solution for your individual needs and preferences.

The new Chevrolet utility for finding the car to suit you is more than just a gimmick, it is a useful tool in helping a motorist decide what really is the best option for them in a relaxed and no pressured situation. For finding the best , it is the ideal solution.

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