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Ford Fiesta is now the all-time best-selling car in the UK

By Peter Woodman

The Ford Fiesta has become the UK's all-time top-selling car.

Ford said Fiesta sales had now topped 4,115,000, taking the model past the previous record-holder, the Ford Escort.

Launched in 1976, and initially made at Dagenham in Essex, the Fiesta has led the small-car sector in the UK for 27 of the 37 years and has been Britain's annual best-selling car since 2009 when it overtook the Ford Focus.

Ford said today that it would now take more than 80 modern-day Fiestas to generate the nitrogen oxide emissions of a single 1976 Mk1 model.

The last Fiesta to be built at Dagenham was in 2002, with the model being Ford's final car produced at the Essex plant, with car assembly ending that year.

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