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New guards will come in handy

By David Neely

I’d like to draw your attention today to one of the most useful accessories made for street bikes: hand guards by an Australian company called Barkbusters.

I’ve been using a set of their Storm model on my own Yamaha 600 Fazer and the verdict is a big thumbs up.

Hand guards originated on off road/ motocross machines and then appeared on adventure trailie bikes where the owners soon discovered they gave great protection from the elements as well as looking after their pinkies and levers in a spill.

But for the rest of us these guards were specific to those bikes and did not fit anything else. Barkbusters, already producing for the off road scene, saw an opening and stepped in with their Storm range.

They now produce guards with a wide range of fitting kits guards for nearly every make of street bike and the quality is excellent. The Storm guards for my own Yam cost £70 plus VAT and most guards fall into the £70/£80 range. For turning the wind and rain they cannot be bettered and I wouldn’t be without them. I think they also enhance the look of a bike.

A fully range of applications can be sourced on and the local suppliers are Russells Motorcycles, Carryduff, Norman Watt Motorcycles, Boardmills, and R.F..Linton, Ballymena.

Meanwhile, Hurst Motorcycles, Boucher Road, have big reductions on the price of new Yamahas, the Rossi R6 is reduced by £3,200, the R1 down over £2K in their summer sale, also includes clothing, which runs to July 9; Belfast Honda has a sale on used stock with good savings again on selected machines and Charles Hurst Motorrad has the special 30 year anniversary BMW GS models in stock.

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