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Peugeot 2008 Crossover: Feline proves an appropriate name tag

By Roger St Pierre

Feline proves to be an appropriate name tag for the Peugeot 2008 Crossover I’ve just driven for an entertaining week of mixed motoring – from the daily commute and a long cross-country haul of motorways, trunk roads and narrow lanes to a weekend of challenging green roading.

Like a cat, this gutsy little car has formidable go anywhere abilities, thanks to higher ground clearance than you get on the standard 2008. It’s also adaptable to a wide range of motoring needs. Mine fetched the supermarket shop, took the granddaughters on a seaside outing, helped a friend move flat and yomped over some particularly muddy fields, aided by its innovative grip control function.

Four trim levels are available, with my £19,145 Feline test car crouching at the top of the tree – £12,995 being enough to buy you in at entry level.

Building on the success of their slightly bigger 3008, the Peugeot engineering and design team set out to create an urban crossover that not only looks and feels stylish but provides an enhanced driving experience, whether on smooth tarmac or bumpy backroads.

Being just 4.16m long and 1.7m wide, the 2008 Crossover casts a small shadow on the road but that’s not to say that it lacks space and creature comfort. The welcoming interior is a model of clever packaging.

Today’s Peugeot products have a distinctive family styling code, especially around the grille and the lights. This face is both good looking and functional. The clarity of the dashboard is also to be commended while all the switches and buttons are ergonomically sound and high level variants  get a head-up display.

A panoramic glass roof helps create the light and airy ambiance while the tailgate features a usefully low sill, giving easy access to a relatively generous load area.

Stop/start technology is available with six of the nine engines on offer in the 20008 range, which includes new versions of the lightweight supercharged three-cylinder petrol powerplant that gives excellent fuel consumption and low emissions’ levels.

My 1.6-litre test car was good for better than 70-mpg in the urban cycle, with a top speed potential of 113-mph and a 12.8-seconds time for the 0-62-mph sprint.

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