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Sleigh to go ... it’s Santa’s new superfast transport

Rudolph in danger of being reined in

Rudolph may have made his last flight as Santa’s biggest helper with the arrival of state-of-the-art flying cars more in keeping with a world dominated by gadgets designed to make life quicker and easier.

Traditionally, Santa has defied time — and gravity — with his sleigh and trusty team of reindeers but it would appear as though they may be banished to the history books to be replaced by sleek, streamlined, futuristic vehicles with the latest technology onboard.

Gone are the days when Santa braved the elements, relying upon his own sense of direction and the stamina of Rudolph and his other furry pals, to put a smile on the faces of millions of children around the world on Christmas Day as some of the world’s best known car designers have come up with a range of hi-tech, high spec and high speed alternatives for old Chris Cringle to make his annual present drop.

Experts at some of Britain’s leading motoring manufacturers have redesigned Santa’s sleigh in their own inimitable style for the modern car market of 2010.

And nothing has been left to chance by the design teams.

A laser guided present delivery system, 3D sat nav and chimney recognition software are just some of the ideas proposed by the likes of Land Rover, Vauxhall, Ford and Jaguar.

Vauxhall has come up with an electric motor to avoid waking children as the vehicle flies overhead, while the Ford model includes silver snowboards and tinted windows to protect Santa from prying eyes.

The designs were created after a leading online website for car enthusiasts asked car designers to produce more up-to-date transport for Santa. The stunning results can be viewed online at .

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