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Friday 25 April 2014

At last, the pub that you can 'Ear in

The Cloth Ear, Merchant Street, Belfast

Funky, but you may have to cut your cloth to suit your wallet if you're in the market for champagne


The Cloth Ear, Merchant Street, Belfast.

What's the vibe?

Located in the heart of the newly rejuvenated Cathedral quarter, beside the impressive Merchant Hotel, this popular, upmarket bar gives the drinking experience a funky edge.

Inside, the wall decor is unique — think wooden moose, deer heads and vintage clothing — although there's nothing too outrageous about the comfy seating.

When I popped in there was no music playing in the background, which I'm told is the norm.

What's on offer?

No shocks on the beer front, except perhaps the German offering Warsteiner (priced at £3.30), which comes on draught, alongside Harp, Smithwick's, Carlsberg.

The latter three will set you back £2.95 a pint. Budweiser, Guinness and Strongbow cider cost the same as Warsteiner.

A glass of house red and white are priced at £3.30, with Moet champagne costing £9. Posh revellers can expect to fork out £95 for a bottle of Dom Perignon.

Who can you expect to bump into?

Mostly those belonging to the 25+ age group.

What are they wearing?

Casual gear on a school night, glad rags at the weekend. Whatever you do leave the sports wear at home.


At last — a bar you can hear yourself speak in!

What to say?

Did you know there's a pub quiz here every Wednesday at 9pm?

What not to say?

When do the band start?

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