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Friday 18 April 2014

If you can't stand the heat ...

The Kitchen Bar

'Paddy Pizzas' and 'Real Ale' among delights at city centre favourite


The Kitchen Bar, Victoria Square, Belfast.

What's the vibe?

The Kitchen Bar, which is very traditional, long and spacious, has a special place on the Historical Pub Tour of Belfast.

With pine beams holding up a high ceiling, traditional iron pillars and old-school wooden tables and seating, this watering hole means business.

It was originally built in 1859, but has recently relocated just around the corner to an old converted warehouse to make way for the new Victoria Square development.

What's on offer?

Drink-wise few surprises, although lovers of 'Real Ale' are in for a treat.

On the food front, why not try the Kitchen Bar's in-house delight - Paddy Pizzas? For the uninitiated, these are home-made soda bread delights, topped with chicken or ham and tomatoes, onions and melted cheese.

Who can you expect to bump into?

Old timers, tourists, nearby office workers, students and thirsty shoppers. Expect representation of the latter to swell once the neighbouring Victoria Centre is up and running.

What are they wearing?

Casual, smart, or disco dancing gear - anything goes ... so it probably depends on when you go. I was there of a Sunday afternoon when the majority of punters had popped in for a pint to watch the live footie on the big screens.


I think that guy Gerry Vernon who works here won UK bar person of the year in March this year.

What to say?

Didn't star performers at the Empire (Belfast's famous music hall) used to drink here in the old days?

What not to say?

I'm off to Bittles across the street.

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