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Friday 18 April 2014

Banderas: Dakota earned Shades role

Antonio Banderas provides his voice for Justin And The Knights Of Valour

Antonio Banderas has said that Dakota Johnson is "very happy" but also hesitant about the 50 Shades Of Grey film.

The daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith is set to play innocent graduate Anastasia Steele alongside Charlie Hunnam as wealthy billionaire Christian Grey in Sam Taylor-Johnson's big-screen adaptation of EL James' erotic novel.

"She was very happy, very cautious at the same time, because she knows she's got a lot of work to do," the Spanish star said of his stepdaughter. "It's a movie that's going to be watched by everybody who likes the book, especially women. So let's see."

Antonio said he was surprised by the casting. He has been married to Melanie for 17 years.

"I wasn't in the country so I picked up the phone, called her and said 'Congratulations, you deserve this opportunity'," the actor continued.

Meawhile, the Spanish actor has revealed he is already thinking about making a sequel to his new film, Justin And The Knights Of Valour. Antonio, who voices Sir Clorex in the family-friendly animation, hopes that he could reprise the role in the future.

"If there was the possibility to do another movie about Justin, and he continues to be a character in that, he could be a little bit better. He probably has learnt something from this movie," he said.

Antonio, who has voiced Puss In Boots in the Shrek films, is one of the partners of the CGI animation film company Kandor Graphics, the Spanish team behind Justin And The Knights Of Valour.

"Animation's a format that makes sense nowadays - technology has been taking over when it comes to telling stories," the 53-year-old said. "Animation was very specific until 20, 25 years ago, and since that time everything has been invented in terms of computers, software and programmes, which allow us to go to universes that we didn't even dream of before."

:: Justin And The Knights Of Valour is in cinemas now.

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