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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Bell: Saw 3D is fitting conclusion

Tobin Bell says Saw 3D is a fitting conclusion to the franchise

Tobin Bell has reassured fans that Saw 3D provides a 'fitting conclusion' to the movie franchise.

The seventh movie in the lucrative franchise is being touted as 'The Final Chapter' and Tobin - who plays the Jigsaw Killer himself - promised horror-lovers they would get the answers they had been waiting for.

"I thought [it] was a fitting conclusion to the story and how it's played out so far, I was impressed with how it comes together," he said.

"I think fans are going to be very, very satisfied with Saw 3D and the experience that they have with it because it's harrowing."

He went on: "There are two things in the film. There's a chase that's very frightening and there are a couple of quintessential Saw moments - and by those I mean ones that the fans have always wanted to know - what happened to...

"I think the writers and producers have come up with something that will really blow their minds."

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